Too many terms in compound SELECT

I’m local on windows 11, trying to upgrade from v5.53.3 to v5.76.1.

I encounter the following error:

SQLITE_ERROR: too many terms in compound SELECT
Context: [object Object]
Help: Error occurred while executing the following migration: 2023-07-10-05-16-55-add-built-in-collection-posts.js

How many posts do you have locally?

SQLite is limited in the amount of data it can be used with in Ghost, it’s only really useful for basic local development with smaller number of posts and members. I would suggest you export your content and migrate to MySQL 8 if you’re using larger datasets.

I have a few thousand, I can also remove many of them, can you suggest a command to do it?

I deleted thousands of articles, there are less than 1k left, I still get the same error, the problem is due to something else, when I had 2k-3k articles I was able to update it without problems.

ps. from the backoffice when you try to delete more than 500 posts it gives an error, from the console:

Payload (Empty Content-Type)
"Request Header Fields Too Large"