{{total_members}} variable not printing

Trying to output the {{total_members}} variable to a public facing part of the site and it’s not returning any data - I’m expecting it to return a number of the total members.

Is that not the intended use for this function? Ghost Handlebars Theme Helpers: total_members

What version of Ghost are you using?

Tried this on 4.x and 5,x

You’ll need to provide a more specific version, since the helper was just released (v5.4.0, 2 days ago)

Ah well that’s probably why then as I built this environment a couple weeks ago.

Is there a way inside of the ghost dashboard to see which version you’re running on? I might be blind, but I genuinely can’t see anything

It’s on the What's New page, which you can get to by clicking the avatar at the bottom left. Or you can go to {url}/ghost/#/whatsnew :slight_smile:


Aha yes, I’m on 5.2.3. Thanks so much for the help!