Translation of Ghost Native Search

How to translate introduced last weeks Ghost Search?


Hi :slight_smile:

I also need a way to translate “Ghost Native Search”

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I´m in :raised_hand:

Ghost search and subscription form.

As I see search is loading from remote repository UNPKG.
Placeholder are in JS file.

Is it possible to replace source to load search from local library?

It’s pretty easy to localize the theme. You just need to create a new theme and edit it.

Translating the subscription modal is a little more involved.

How to translate/localize the search function? The prompt “Search posts, tags, and authors”, the “No matches found” info, etc?

This is super hacky, but it seems to more or less work:

<a href="#!" class="gh-search" onclick="setTimeout(function(){document.getElementById('sodo-search-root').querySelector('iframe').contentWindow.document.querySelector('input').placeholder = 'Your placeholder text'},200)" data-ghost-search>Search</a>

I have asked about a better way to detect when sodo search is triggered over here: