Unable to import from 0.11.7 to 1.22.2


I’m trying to move over my content from an old site running 0.11.7 over to a new 1.22.2 site. The new 1.22.2 site is currently local on my machine in development mode. (I ran ghost install local)

I used the exporter to get my json, then when I upload the file to the new site, I get the following error:

sqlite does not support inserting default values. Specify values explicitly or use the useNullAsDefault config flag. (see docs http://knexjs.org/#Builder-insert).`


Hi Nervewax
I updated my config.production.json file with "useNullAsDefault": true and it imported fine only warnings on user not available so assigning to owner

"database": {
    "client": "sqlite3",
    "connection": {
      "filename": "./content/data/ghost.db"
    "useNullAsDefault": true

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