Unnoticed problem on promotional section

Ghost: The Creator Economy Platform Features Page has a slight problem:

"Completely open source & hackable

Own your code, control your destiny, determine your…"

appears about half way down the page.

Hi Dan, not sure what you’re referring to here - this is how it looks for me:


is it different for you?

That’s the way it looks to me, John. I understand the concept of open source programming, and I know that one can edit and recompile the source codes in order to provide a custom application to suit one’s need. ‘Hackable’ doesn’t convey that concept to me, it was generally used to describe software with flaws that allow the programming to be altered/exploited to provide access to systems by those whom were not intended to access said systems.

Perhaps I’m showing my age, behind the newer slang word usage. It is a derogatory description of your software.


Dan Kirk

Old school programmer, retired.

Hi Dan, that’s fine - I wasn’t arguing with you, I was just trying to figure out what you were referring to because your original message was non-specific about what the problem was. Could’ve been a CSS bug, or a word missing from the end of the sentence in your browser (which is what I thought, based on your quote)

“Hackable” is indeed a modern term for modifiable source code, and is fairly prevalent these days - eg. https://atom.io

That said, based on feedback from multiple people like yourself, we had actually already changed that wording on our site a week ago. So it may be that you hit a cached version of the page :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the meaning behind “hack” and “hackable” change considerably over the last decade. Now with most non-technical people I speak to it’s synonymous with “easy to modify”. You only have to look at how prevalent “Ikea hacks” are to see how common usage has changed. Even with technical people, “quick hacks” or “I hacked it in” is much much more common in the sense of adapting something to do what you want than in the sense of exploiting security problems.

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