Unsubscribe from specific topics?

I’m currently evaluating various stacks to setup a newsletter/blog with, and ghost is one of the finalists (hence why I’m here). I have an instance of self-hosted ghost setup and working fairly well, and like a lot about the software.

One question I have though, and perhaps this is a feature request, is that I was wondering whether there’s any way for readers to opt out from only some types of content. For example, with Substack you can create different sections, then have the ability to add new subscribers by default or not, and then if users don’t want that “section” anymore they click on the unsubscribe button, and can elect to unsubscribe from all emails or just specific sections.

I am setting up a newsletter to cover an NBA team, and that can lead to different “styles” of articles/posts. Some posts might be deep dives on salary cap details, other posts might be based around unique reporting, other posts might be curating content from others, etc. My biggest fear is that someone might get sick of one style of content and be forced to unsubscribe from all, and a little more granularity in managing the lists might help prevent that.

Thanks in advance for any help and clarity.

Hey @derekb - welcome!

If you’re running a paid publication, you can use Tiers to sell multiple membership products.

If it’s a free newsletter, then members are either subscribed or unsubscribed from all email newsletters. You can use labels to segment members who are interested in different topics, but this is not linked to email subscription status.

There’s a thread in the Ideas category that you might be interested in voting on: Allow members to self-segment (aka apply labels)