Update your integration for SCA now

An email has arrived from Stripe inviting to update the company data.

Stripe updates:

Important: Update your integration for SCA
As European legislation requires strong customer authentication (SCA) to be fully enforced as of December 31, 2020, some banks now refuse part of payments that are not SCA compliant. To make sure your payments are approved, update your integration.

Apparently we need to update Stripe integration on Ghost.

Will this / was it done internally by the Ghost staff?

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I got another email urging me to update Stripe.

Update the identification data necessary for your company: ******** (account ID: ********) in the Dashboard.
If the data is not updated and verified, the transfers to your bank account will be suspended on 20 Oct 2020.

I would like to understand if it is necessary to do something or if there is no need, someone who understands it better than me?

Thank you

This is nothing to do with ghost… You need to verify your company info & your identify on stripe
Such as You company Number, Your photo ID & address Verification.

Sometimes you need to verify the ownership of the company.

On your dashboard follow the instruction what information’s stripe has asked for…
If you have any question contact stripe support (support@stripe.com) they will answer your question.

& as they said if you are unable to provide the asked information’s your payout will be suspended.

hi thanks for the reply, but i don’t have anything else to check on Stripe.

This has to do with Ghost:

To avoid rejections, upgrade to an SCA-enabled product such as the new version of Stripe Checkout, Billing, the Payment Intents API, or to an SCA-compliant partner solution.

If you use a third-party plugin, platform, or extension partner from the Partners gallery, contact your Stripe partner to see what (if any) work you need to do to support SCA.

The weird thing is that I also read:

The API version is compatible with SCA

But they keep sending me the email inviting me to update.

I meant this…this info has to be provided… so if you dont see where to put the info or what info they asked … contact Stripe support… & they actually respond very quickly…

from the account profile it is completely verified and accepted with a green tick, there is no other field to fill in, I will try to contact them.

about Ghost, from what I read they seem to be asking for an upgrade or something similar regarding the API.