Upgrade local version of ghost

Guys how can I upgrade the local version of ghost? I’m designing a theme and it’s having issues with the new - old version …

the command is ghost upgrade, but how do I do it, once I go to the folder on the terminal, and I type that it doesn’t recognize it

What’s not recognized? The command? The instance?

Updating should be as easy as

cd /path/to/ghost && ghost install local
(wait for a new version to release)
cd /path/to/ghost && ghost upgrade

I don’t know if it’s a freeze moment or what, so I’m opening the terminal, go to the dir.:

cd /Users/arturo/Documents/Arturo/Knowledge_center/Computer_Science/Projects/Ghost\ Theming/Ghost-0.11.12/

then type nodemon start and the instance starts, but on the same terminal it doesn’t let me keep typing, if I open a new tap without starting ghost, it doesn’t recognize it. I have the nvm installed, I tried nvm ghost upgrade and doesn’t work

That’s expected, since nodemon will run until you terminate it (with control (or command, I don’t use OSX too often so I get them confused :man_shrugging: ) + c)

Ghost doesn’t need to be started to update, so w/ nodemon terminated, you should just be able to run ghost update and something should happen,

I recorded a video so you can see, give it some time for youtube to render it

Or just how do you do it? I can use windows too

You don’t need to run nodemon start to update ghost

After you run nodemon start, assume you can’t use that terminal window / tab anymore. You need to open a new terminal / tab to run commands.

I did, and still doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure if I do it with npm it would work but nvm is not recognizing it, or something is happening… I’ll look around to see what’s wrong, thanks vika

Oops, I missed that part :see_no_evil: It looks like your path may not be configured properly

nvm ghost update won’t work, since nvm is used to control what version of node you’re using, not to run a node command. Since you’re using nvm, make sure the node version is the same version you used to install Ghost, otherwise the ghost command won’t work

that prob why, let me check :raised_hands:

Oh man… this is so tiresome… look at this:


and guess what… I obviously installed it with a root user… fff… no ending…

EDIT: It had nothing to do with installing it with root. I uninstall nvm and install npm with homebrew and homebrew didn’t have the supported version of node lol so I went back to nvm with the same process and it worked, something that was maybe cause this problem that was not a problem is that when I did ghost install local on a folder that had a space: ghost install, it said that the dir was not empty… maybe the version was not even the probl after all … :confused: well… if someone runs into this problem check all that lol

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