Version control (with GIT) for themes AND integrations?

I am working on creating a custom theme with the goal being that I can create multiple blogs with the same look and feel. I plan on creating the themes and using version control (git) and probably push to a GitHub repo. That way, I can clone and upload the theme to my blogs.

However, is it possible to the same with integrations? For example, I would also like to use the s3 integration, and possibly more.

Long story short - I want to develop a blog “template” withe custom these and integrations, use version contro (git) l to push to a remote repo (GitHub) so I can clone and host.

I have some ideas on how to accomplish this but it would be sort of hack-y - basically, I would version control the entire codebase (init git at the root of the project), not just the theme in the content/ folder. Is there a better way to do this?

FWIW - I will be developing the theme and integration locally, then host on a the offcial digital ocean droplet.