Warning message re. missing en.json locale file


I am using a third party theme + modifications on the Ghost v2.19.0. I have instance installed at DigitalOcean but, since I am working on update to the theme, I am running against a local copy.

I know this message (Theme's file locales/en.json not found.) is just a warning. That said I’d prefer to keep my logs as pristine as possible to improve signal:noise. Since my site’s publication language is en why is this message even logged?

Again not a big deal … just a log hygiene question.



Bumping this up.


Theme localisation was a community project - i.e. the feature was implemented via contributions.

I completely see why you’d want to clean this up, and would love to see a PR for it :slight_smile:

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Thanks Hannah. I submitted a PR @ https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost/pull/10662.

This is my first time submitting a formal PR anywhere - hoping I got it right. I did my best to follow your / Ghost’s guidelines.

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