Web Address Slug?

Hey Ghost enthusiasts!

I was wondering if it has any significant effect on SEO or general traffic if a link to my podcast page does not include the podcast part in ghostwebsite.com/podcast/… but rather just goes directly with the post URL: ghostwebsite.com/discussion-with-guest-xy ??

Any thoughts on this?

I think either of these URL structures would work fine. The best URL structure for SEO is simple, concise and accurate.

You could argue that having /podcast/ in the URL provides a better user experience, since it’s obvious from the URL itself what type of content a visitor might expect. But really this is down to your preference.

The only thing you’d need to be wary of is if you change your URLs then you’ll need to implement some redirects.

Read more about URL structure for SEO: URLs - Moz
Read more about redirects in Ghost: Tutorial: Implementing redirects in Ghost

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