Web browsers switching font colour of Button

Near the bottom of each post I manually apply a donate button using a html card:

class=“button” button href=“linked to paypal account”>Make a Paypal Donation

I noticed when viewing in the Brave browser the text colour remains white. But in Chrome and Safari, the text colour switches to red. I’ve set .post-content a {color: #a00000} in Code Injection so readers can better see text hyperlink. But I’d like the button’s text colour to remain white.

Google Chrome & Safari browsers:

Brave browser:

At the bottom of each post is a subscribe field and a subscribe button, with white text. This field is applied through the theme’s post.bhs file. Is there a way to keep the button text white without going into the theme please?

Maybe add the :not(.button) selector to your css?

.post-content a:not(.button) {
    color: #a00000;
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Hi @vikaspotluri123 no luck I’m afraid.

I’ll see if adding the button directly in the post.hbs file works.

You need to replace your existing selector, or it won’t work

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Thanks so much @vikaspotluri123. I had a look in Safari and Chrome and it works fine now. Thankyou.