Website lag - what's causing it?


Hi could someone please check why there’s stuttering and small lags in this site? Only experience on windows and not on my Mac. Try switching between pages and you will notice what I mean. Would highly appreciate any support.

  • What’s your URL?

  • What version of Ghost are you using?
    The latest

  • What configuration?
    On ghost servers


@LMJ can you share which browser is used on Windows? Also a screen-capture of the “network” inspector during this load would be useful, maybe there are some extra scripts or something else running on Windows’ browsers.


Hello, yes there is a lag in the website performance. Even scrolling doesn’t work smoothly. I tried disabling the JavaScript altogether.
When JavaScript is disabled, the website has no lag and works smoothly. This means that there is some JavaScript which is blocking the browser. As far as I know, there were a few errors, here are those two errors that my browser caught.

Error 1:


Looks like the image “ads.jpg” is not available on the server, please fix it as the Lazy Loading script on the website seems to block scrolling until the server responds with a 404.

Error 2:

app.min.js:1 Uncaught Error: Error from Instagram: The access_token provided is invalid.

This error is caused by the file app.min.js.

As far as the reason goes for not rendering the website smoothly. I think the reason is using too much JavaScript. For me, it looks like there is a lot of JavaScript going on after the onload event. But, I am new to this forum as well as Ghost, so please correct me if I am wrong.

Internet Browser: Google Chrome v69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Build 17134.285

Thank You :slight_smile:


Hi there! If you’re having any issue with a Ghost(Pro) site, please drop us an email on and we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand directly :slight_smile: