What is the best method to organize featured posts, catogries and informational pages in ghost


A long back, I made the switch to Ghost after realising how much I detested WordPress and how much I loved Ghost.
Due to a strong information strategy and link development, my website has evolved quite a bit, and the information pages are ranking fairly highly.

I have been reading a lot about permalink (url) structure as I work to mature the site, but I’m still unsure on what to do.

I produce films for engaged couples and business clients by travelling the world (corporate films).
I therefore made educational pages:

2-Couple relations

However, a lot of people also try to find out who makes these movies, therefore I set up pages like

2-Couple filmmaker.

I structured my blog into three sections: portfolio, blog, and news about filmmakers.

Therefore, I was wondering what your suggestion is on how to establish the url structure for items that are relevant to wedding films, such as a user case.