What is the best way to structure posts, categories and info pages


A while ago I switched to ghost,
I disliked wordpress, fell in love with ghost and never looked back.
My website matured quite a bit and the information pages are ranking quite a lot due to a good info strategy and linkbuilding.

I am now focusing on maturing the blog and read a lot about url (permalinks) structure but am not 100% sure what to do.

I create films and travel across the globe to make this for engaged couples (wedding films) and corporate clients (corporate films).
So I created informational pages like:

  • wedding films
  • corporate films.

But a lot of people also look for the one who creates these films so I created pages like

  • filmmaker
  • wedding filmmaker.

I divided my blog in several sections, namely: portfolio, blog and filmmaker news.

So I was wondering, what is your advice on how to create the url structure,
for wedding film related articles like a user case. Should I create this on A) /blog/wedding-film-anne-richard-amsterdam/ or /wedding-films/anne-richard-amsterdam/ or even /portfolio/wedding-film-anne-richard-amsterdam/?