Whats the easiest way to forward to the Portal sign-up URL?

Hi community!
I’ve been searching for quite a while but couldn’t find any satisfying solution.
What’s the easiest and most elegant way to forward something like this…
https://sherold.blog/follow to one of the build in sign-up URLs, like…

I want to have a simple link, easy to remember, that I can share.
I tried one way, that worked, but I feel that it could be kind of… smoother.

  1. Create a page called “follow”
  2. Settings - Code Injection - manually paste in the header section
    <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url='https://sherold.blog/#/portal/signup/free'" />
  3. Click publish

This works but it kinda feels clunky. Are there any other easy solutions?
Thank you! :tada: