What's the SEO impact of email pages on Ghost?

Hello, I’d like to discuss the SEO impact of the new feature of only sending posts by email on Ghost.

Do you guys think that the current solution of disallowing /email/ pages on robots.txt is enough to avoid penalties from search engines?

I’m saying this because:

  • Email pages aren’t on the sitemap.
  • Email pages are technically orphan pages.

I love that I can send true newsletters and can use Ghost as a viable alternative to Convertkit.

About orphan pages: How to Find Every Orphan Page on Your Website

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@tiago I don’t see any reason why would you get a penalty for that.

Email pages aren’t on the sitemap because they’re not intended to be indexed or browsed by visitors. If you want email newsletters to be indexed then the publish and send option should be used.

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Hi @Kym,

I was asking from the perspective of these email pages generating orphan pages and the potential risk of those pages.

I’m very interested in using emails because this opens up my possibilities as my posts aren’t suited to send as emails.

Having orphan pages doesn’t mean you’re going to get a penalty. It just means those pages most likely won’t get indexed or perform well in search.

If you would like your Ghost site to perform in terms of SEO, then you should also be publishing public content that is optimized for search :)


Thanks for your help, Kim!

Happy that this won’t hurt my website in the long run :smile: