What's wrong with the index DOC? content disappear

I thought this is a official doc, but where is the index page content?
other page just fine,just the index-content disappear,like this:

I open the chrome console and I found this:

angular.js:11706 Error: [$parse:lexerr] Lexer Error: Unexpected next character  at columns 0-0 [@] in expression [@blog.title].

at eval (angular.js:63)
at Lexer.throwError (angular.js:11968)
at Lexer.lex (angular.js:11927)
at Parser.parse (angular.js:12088)
at $parse (angular.js:12807)
at $interpolate (angular.js:10159)
at addTextInterpolateDirective (angular.js:8065)
at collectDirectives (angular.js:7248)
at compileNodes (angular.js:7058)
at compileNodes (angular.js:7074)

The root cause of the problem is the same thing as The Themes Doc Site All Pages Not Showing - #2 by vikaspotluri123. Here’s a screenshot from just now of the Index Context page in the docs:

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The docs are hosted by readme.io, we don’t have control over it if there are bugs on the page. You’d need to at least provide us with your browser details, or otherwise send the report straight to them :slightly_smiling_face:

I was just going to post about it, it’s not loading on any of my devices.

@Hannah it’s not loading on any device, iPhone, safari on both os, firefox, chrome.

It seems to be a request blocking it or something, because after a couple milliseconds it shows up

Does anyone have any other source to read it that is not downloading another theme? I’m trying to design the loop at the index page to show the posts

The workaround is to press the browser stop button as soon as the content has loaded, before the scripts have loaded. Beyond that there’s nothing we can directly do - Readme.io is a centralised platform and they’re aware of the issue

bro that trick doesn’t work for me, in the meantime, if someone has the same issue, I guess the other solution is to look at the original casper template :confused:

The issue should be resolved now.