When installing from source: Where does the new commit on core/client comes from?

Hello! Following theInstall from Source instructions
after these steps

after doing cd…/…/ i always get notified by git that there is a new commit on core/client. Is that normal?
Do i have to do myself a commit for that? Even if i just cloned and updated everything and made no changes?

It’s the same for me, and in short, I don’t think you need to do anything about that message.

I think this is just an artifact of using submodules. Based on my understanding of how submodules work, the base repo will track a specific commit in the submodules, for which the base repo is assured to work with. The message is indicating there are new commits in the submodule that don’t match the tracked commit in the base repo. In this case, I think the tracked commit matches the last tagged release, and there have been additional commits since that last release, which would have been pulled down during the steps above.

Running the command git submodule status will show all the submodules with their latest commits.

Running git submodule status --cached will show you the the commits the base repo is tracking for the submodules (I think).


Makes sense. Thanks you @programmer_reboot

The last time i did this process i got no changes no more from git! maybe they changed something.