Where do you put your attachments?

You could choose your branding colour for light mode, and then just override it through CSS when in darkmode. I’m not sure how to override the member button, but the rest seems okay

Yeah, I will it was that easy. Not even a code injection seem to do the trick using !important.

Oh strange yeah. I just tried. I have a dark mode but just use the same accent colour. I tried to change it for darkmode only and it wouldn’t stick. :thinking:

Nope, I know. I just raised a “idea” topic about this. We need accent color and bg color options for light / dark for text, links and buttons including the subscribe button.

One common occurrence, for me, is uploading an image as a single image, then deciding later that I want to upload it in a gallery with other images. So far, I have had to remove the single image in my draft post, create a gallery and then re-upload that image into the gallery.

A media library in Ghost would be one option, which covers that use case without having to re-upload the image. (I’m also aware of e.g. Discourse reusing images, if the new image matches one that has been uploaded )

The reason that no one has made such a media library is that those things get managed automatically. For example, if you upload the same image twice, it doesn’t make a another copy, as it checks a checksum. Is there a media library for looking at all uploaded Images and their URL? - #12 by pfaffman - support - Discourse Meta

If the image is identical, the checksum will match, and Discourse won’t upload a “copy” of the image. Favicon is failing to load for logged-in users - #4 by codinghorror - support - Discourse Meta

Do snippets cover that use case though? — of moving a single image into a gallery, without having to re-upload a copy of the file (I’m not seeing that it is)

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Yep good point.

You can drag an image into and out of a gallery. There’s no need to delete and reupload.

Ok thanks for the tip, I did not know that. I was on my iPad, but tried it on my Mac now and it works.