White Box in my header, can't remove it

Hello together,

I am using the liebling theme and I have this white box in my header which I don’t know how to remove. See screenshot attached in the red circle. Please help :slight_smile:

Based on the demo, it looks like it’s supposed to be the search icon

Thank you for your reply. It was not the search icon. It was deactivated. I activated it. The white box is still there. Any other ideas?

Here you can see my site:

pw: lagava727

I think it is part of the navigation bar. When I share my screen and make the window smaller I can scroll left and right and buttons go into the white box:

It looks like it’s part of the theme but not noticeable when the background color is white. Did you change the background color of the theme?

You can disable it by adding this to Code InjectionSite Header:

  .m-nav__right:before {
    background: none;

Thank you for your reply. Yes I did change the background color :) Your suggestions worked! Thank you.

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