Why is there no Ghost commenting option? Only solution is external widgets?

Hey al

I’m wondering why there is no built-in commenting option, or at least one that is offered to Ghost pro members? Seems like it would be a good incentive.

It’d be a great fit for a community and membership-based platform which is what ghost is.

All of the current options are things like Disqus, Commento or Cove (which was actually built specifically for Ghost to solve this problem).

Personally, I am on the creator plan and I just scratch my head going, why would I pay for another third-party service, the whole reason I signed up for Ghost and went on a plan was that I don’t like 3rd party services, I don’t like paying for them and I don’t like integrating them, it feels very WordPress-like which is why I don’t like WordPress.

Would be good to create a poll or something on this topic BTW.

Please dont close this topic just because I used the terms ‘ghost pro’ in here. Thanks

There’s a thread about native comments in the ideas category, which has been marked as planned :eyes: :point_right:


Hi all,
I was playing around for one week now and really love the way how it works. But this point (comments) really is the point why I am unfortunately thinking in “unusable”.

I know, I read the other posts and ghost says that it is no blog - software (inspite they are talking about blogs themselfs). OK, it is for creators and publishers. But today even the big newspapers and nearly every site with news, howtos, recomendations, tests, … have this option and it makes sense. Some errors in your text, other solutions, opinions - several good arguments. Atleast staying in closer contact with your users / readers.

It could be an option in host. Who needs or wants → can use. Who doesnt want → dont activate. Yes, yes, there are some third-party solutions. But in my opiniion it is no good solution. What happens after updates? Where are the userdata saved / privacy? One of the mainpoints in my opinion: senseless if users have to authenticate several times / services on one site (I personally hate it ;).

I really cant understand why Ghost is still (read about it first time in 2017) refusing and I personally cant see any good reason not to realize it. Just losing customers.

Ah, this argument that Ghost isn’t a blog-software - it is a tiny CMS: OK. But a buit-in newsletter is part of a tiny CMS?

Even the optional third-party solutions are impossible if you dont host your own Ghost. And if so, can be a pain installing. Yes, I got it, tried and removed for several reasons (spam, comercials brought by third-party, not customizable, unsafe countries / unknown rules or behavior regarding privacy, one more login, …). But at the end Ghost is talking to creators, publishers, writers - and not nerds, specialists, programers. Like I understood: install / register and start to publish. Dont care about the software / technics.

Just my opinion. Really qould love to use because publishing is simple and fast. But without essential functions today?

Cheers Walhalla


@walhalla as I mentioned above, the native comments idea on this forum is marked as planned.

Yes, Kym. But “planned” means what? Have a look at the timeline in this article - nothing new for months / years.

I could plan to rule the world - but never realized :))))))

For me (think for lots of others too) it is an important point for my decision: should I stay or should I leave? (Ghost)


It is a feature our team are actively working on, but I can’t share concrete timelines. Read more about that here: Ghost product principles & roadmap

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Comments have now been an implemented an an “alpha” quality feature. There’s a thread about it here:

So far, it’s not clear how exactly to activate it and no reports that I’ve noticed from people actually testing it.

I’m not a Ghost insider, but I suspect this means it could be “weeks not month” before native comments enter beta and it’s clear how to enable and test it.


OK will wait patiently. Cove looks OK but I’d rather use a Ghost solution.
Be good to get an ETA though.

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I have sent Ghost Pro support an email asking about this, will report back for all to see as I think this is important to me personally, I have my dev on standby waiting to see if we add Cove or if we decide to wait for native comments.

When this is implemented I’ll switch back to Ghost Pro.

It is implemented. Now you can switch back and we welcome you to the club.

Comments for Ghost


Its a bit odd that when logged into ghost pro it does not recognize the author as a logged-in member and so you have to sign in as a member to comment.

Yes website member and a admin is two seperate roles. But once you logged into your website as a frontend user withthe same email that you are using in the admin panel login, you will get the Admin rights to moderate member comments.

Im not seeing any admin opportunities with comments and yes I use the same email.

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Please update ymyour Ghost CLI to the latest version and then update Ghost to version 5.9.4. There was a issue in 5.9.3 and it was fixed in 5.9.4.

Please refer to the below thread.

Im using ghost pro so should already be done I would have thought.

This is what it looks like. You can use Hide Comment to delete a comment.

Hide comment is not delete comment though mate.

Yes, I know that bro. But this is what they said once I asked the same question.

Weird. No worries. Thanks.