Wildcard Tag Filtering

Is there any way to apply a wildcard filter when fetching posts/pages? For example I want to fetch all pages tagged with a tag which starts with prefix-.
It seems like currently all I can do is filter on the exact tag.

There was a similar post a while back here, but it didn’t have any responses.

For some background, I’m trying to display pages (which represent a “show”) on a schedule using a CSS grid. I have internal tags such as #mon1700-1800 which convey what time and day that the show occurs. I’ve been able to use CSS attribute filters to place elements in the correct place in the grid, but this becomes a problem when shows appear multiple times a day or multiple times a week.

This whole process would be easier if I could filter pages using something like #mon* to give me all the pages that have a tag that starts with #mon.

Any ways to achieve this with Ghost? Am I going about this the wrong way? Thanks!