Will ghost-cil support other OS in future



some old version can work on centos7 but the new version can’t
so will future version suppotr other OS again?


The CLI ReadMe does a great job explaining this - the goal is to make the CLI work flawlessly using the recommended stack. If there is something that’s not working on an unsupported stack, feel free to create a PR to fix it, as long as it doesn’t hinder the features baked into the CLI. Otherwise, there won’t be active development (right now) in expanding OSes supported by the CLI.

A good example of something that’s being worked on by the community for an unsupported stack is #706


I’m using CentOS 6.9, centos-release-6-9.el6.12.3.x86_64 to be precise.
I run 2 different ghost instances on this server with Ghost CLI.

While installing all you need to do is adding a small tag.

ghost install --no-setup-linux-user

Also while running,

ghost start --no-setup-linux-user

Some extra information:

npm -v

node -v

You can check the websites running (they have no content in them) here and here.