Would Flickr work as a media library?

I’m a longtime Flickr Pro user and just wondering if there’s any reason NOT to consider using Flickr as my media library + URL embed option.

It looks like someone hovering over the image would see the Flickr / social branding, photog name and image title. But you don’t see this if you’re not hovering.

I guess I’m still looking for an easier storage solution (for dummies!) where I could easily see in one place NOT on my computer all images I have used on my site. This would also allow me to re-use images via a URL vs re-uploading.

You could use Flickr for images within a post, by using an HTML block and manually coding the URL to the image. It’s more work than just using the image block, but also gives you more flexibility.

I don’t know any way for you to do the same with the featured image, however. It always looks for a local file to upload to the Ghost site.

You could (possibly) do some major surgery on your theme files, and have all the featured images point to an external source. But that’s a giant pain, and probably doesn’t work well in the long run.

So no, you can’t really use Flickr as the sole media library for your site.

Thanks @BruceInLouisville!

I was more thinking about just dropping in the URL for the images within an article - which works and is very easy. You don’t need to code anything. :)

As far as the featured image - you’re right. I would need to upload this directly.

But I can’t necessarily see a reason why Flickr wouldn’t work for all the other images.

What do you use for your media library? I’ve been trying to understand how to set up Cloudinary but not finding it super intuitive.

I use very few images in my articles (unless it’s a gallery article), but almost always use a featured image, so that’s the context for my comment.

As for dropping the URL into a post – I hadn’t ever tried it, so just did. You’re right: no coding necessary. But at least in my case, Ghost puts the image inside a block, and depending on the size of the image, you wind up with white space around it.

I’ve created some snippets to allow me to float images within text, but they’re a pain to use. I’d love to see some text-image blocks added to the basic set, but the staff says that’s not in the cards. (Ha!) So, still some coding in my future.