Yaml, yml, dockerfile, docker not highlighting with prism.js

I have installed the latest image from ghost’s official image on dockerhub.
I have then installed Prism and tested it with a javascript tag, which is working just fine, thanks to the great tutorial.

Now I have been trying for some time to get yaml and dockerfiles working to be highlighted as they should, looking at the official website of prism.js. After looking at some very old closed issues with yaml on the prism github page, I simply don’t think there’s a problem with prism.
I also tried every theme of theirs, which resulted in the same issue every time.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to use another library?
Can someone confirm this isn’t working either?



Tips are welcome!

Prism.js doesn’t include support for those languages by default, you need to load them in manually or use the autoloader plugin. Autoloader is probably the easiest route (related prism.js docs)

Alight, thanks!
I got it to work now :smiley: