404 after installation


I’ve installed ghost by instruction on an ubuntu 16.0.4. Everything went fine except one thing - when prompted for URL, I entered a domain name, but I’am accessing the site via IP address. I changed the url with a command. But when I open it ( it shows 404 (same for /ghost).

No errors were shown during installation, everything is running ok. I deleted the “nginx succesfully installed” html file.
Restarting ghost doesn’t help =(

As stated in Ghost as a sub directory using NGINX - #4 by Hannah, Ghost only configures the webserver to proxy requests to Ghost for the domain, not the server. What this means for you is you can’t access Ghost by direct IP access - you need to access it by the domain.

Since you deleted the nginx is installed page, nginx (your webserver) has nothing to serve, so it responds with a 404 because no resource exists to respond with.

oh, thanks! would have been great to have it mentioned in the installation instructions

Feel free to suggest edits to the docs! There’s a button at the top right of the page :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the tip!

Made the edit suggestion!

well, I set up a domain name, changed the url with config command, restarted ghost - still shows 404 =(

had to wait for dns servers to update. worked after reinstalling

Yeah if you’re too cheap to pay for premium DNS servers for your domain name it could take hours to propagate.

Just move your DNS to CloudFlare.

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