502 Bad Gateway and Restart

How can I restart my ghost instance? I tried to run ghost restart but I am not doing it in the right working directory. Which is the correct one? I thought 'ghost restart /var/www/ghost was the right one?

Also, even though it didn’t run the command, it still messed things up for some reason as now both my ghost control panel and the site show a 502.

Help please!

Sorry, figured out I had to run it from there but after sudo -i -u ghost-mgr.

Still, ghost won’t restart:

:heavy_multiplication_x: Restarting Ghost
A GhostError occurred.
Message: Unexpected token ‘<’

Not sure how to proceed, tried running journalctl -u ghost_labioslivres-com -n 50 as suggested but permission denied.

Maybe "ghost doctor " will give you more infos, otherwise, you will find the tool you need here → Ghost-CLI - A fully loaded tool for installation and configuration