A French blog about privacy

Hi! I’m new here. I would like to show you my personnal blog about privacy, written in French:

Here is my story.

During my whole life, I was doing random stuffs on the internet. On day, an “oponnent” came accross one of my websites and set out to harm me. He found a lot of personnal information about me and managed to achieve his goal. I analyzed how it could be traced back to me. Then I adapted my online behavior to correct my mistakes. I did a lot of research and learned a lot. So I decided to write down what I had learned and aek.one was born. The content is geared towards neophytes who have everything to learn and as the chapters progress, the level increases to bring the reader to an advanced level in privacy.

Tell me what do you think about it. If some French people are reading these lines, please subscribe :smiley: and share it to your friends.