Ability to get posts by a single character tags

Hello there!

I recently discovered that we cannot fetch posts filtering by tags with a single character slug.

For example:
Let’s say we have a tag
{"name":"A", "slug":"a"}

and we have a few posts tagged under the tag A

and when we want to fetch the posts by that tag (using the #get helper or a POST request)




      "message": "Request not understood error, cannot list posts.",
      "context": "Error parsing filter",
      "type": "BadRequestError",
      "details": null,
      "property": null,
      "help": null,
      "code": null,
      "id": "76cc1d60-cc37-11ee-afdd-17dd30382102",
      "ghostErrorCode": null

Can anyone advise if this is the expected behavior of the API (and if so, why)? :thinking:

Does it work if you use this alternate syntax?


Hey @markstos

Unfortunately, nope. Getting the same error. (But from the URL you proposed, I can see that you are trying to fetch the posts with the slug ‘a’ if I’m not mistaken - My original request is to fetch the posts with the tag slug ‘a’)