Accessing a theme's package.json variables


Hi there,

Can anyone share a link explaining how to access the config variables of a theme’s package.json, unsing handlebars (or anything adequate to process those values in an .hbs file)?
It surely is possible since:
“config”: {
“posts_per_page”: 10
is used.


This is documented here:


oops… thank you!
(I’m sort of lost in the docs, but that’s no excuse)



Inside of the config block, there is currently a single supported property - posts_per_page.

so if I define

  "config": {
    "posts_per_page": 10,
    "foobar": "123"

I won’t be able to have {{@config.foobar}}, right?

Can it be hacked, or it’s hopeless at this point? (I’d love to use @config to configure a theme)

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