Accessing development install on local network

How can I access my development install from another device on my local network? I have Macs, iOS, and use a Time Capsule as my router.

Assuming you don’t have any firewalls blocking connections, you just need to make a request to http://ip:port on a device within your network.

Here’s an article showing how to find your local ip:

As an example, if my computer’s ip was, and ghost was listening on 2368 (default port), I could view the site by visiting on my phone

Is yours in development or production? I tried the IP and port…

@Christopher_Rice you’ll also need to change your host config to listen on your computer’s IP address, or, eg:

    "url": "http://{your-ip}:2368",
    "server": {
        "host": "",
        "port: 2368

If you don’t do that then node will only listen on the local loopback interface ( so any requests coming in from a different network interface like your wi-fi/network card won’t reach your Ghost process.

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My config file appears to be “locked”. Is the only way to change it via the CLI command line?

ghost config set