Account creation flow with Stripe and Ghost

I’m trying to figure out if you can create new accounts on Ghost by creating them in Stripe. In other words, after purchase/sign up does Stripe make API calls to Ghost to set up new accounts or is it the other way around?

Why am I wondering about this? We want to make our Ghost site into an app. We have to wrap the app with React Native and get it into the app stores. You have to use third-party tools to get these app store accounts created in Stripe and there are some that do that of course, and we’re looking at Adapty right now. Adapty has an SDK that you integrate into the app and it will make the necessary API calls to set up the accounts in Stripe. We’re not concerned about that part, we figure they know what they are doing.

The part that we don’t know is whether or not Stripe will then create the accounts in Ghost or if we need to have Adapty communicate directly to Ghost also to set up that part of the accounts on our site (custom work).