Add native image lazy loading support

As of Chrome 76, native lazy loading has come to the web!

Setting images in blog posts to loading="lazy" (or user-configurable) could provide massive performance benefits, especially on blog posts with lots of images. The engineering team over at the BBC did a write-up about this and showed page load times reduced by 50%.

Wordpress is also looking to do this by default very soon as per

Whilst this is only currently supported in Chrome, Safari has expressed interest, and Chrome does account for over 50% of the web.

This is a completely non-destructive and backwards-compatible change, so implementing it now will only mean further benefits in the future as other browser vendors implement the spec.

Hi @cherryjimbo, this is a good suggestion but at the minute the browser support isn’t quite there. You’re welcome to propose this on the GitHub repo and track it from there:

Edit: My bad, features are kept on the forum as feature requests on the repo are typically closed. We can track interest here. Sorry for the confusion :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks David. Done:

Each of my articles has at least 30 images so this feature would be very useful.