Add Post Tags to an HTML Attribute

I’m trying to add the list of tags for a post to an HTML attribute. Something like this:

{{#get "posts" include="tags"}}
    {{#foreach posts}}
    <li class="{{tags}}">{{title}}</li>

The issue is that the {{tags}} helper returns links, not plain text. (It’s a helper, yes? still working on Handlebars terminology!)


Hey @dan.2rational,

Just want to clarify if it’s all the tags from the site you want, or all the tags from a single post? Either way we’ve got some pretty good documentation on our site for working with tags:

Let us know what specifically you want to do :blush:

Hi David!

Thanks for responding - I’m looking to do the tags for each post as the class attributes for the list item, using the example above.

The full example is building a grid with UIKit that can then be filtered - each element in the grid is a list item, and the classes on the list item enabling the filtering.


Ah I see, thanks for the clarification Dan. Something like this should work:

{{#foreach posts}}
  <li class="{{#foreach tags}} {{slug}}{{/foreach}}">{{title}}</li>

@DavidDarnes Thank you! That got it!


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