Adding a "heart" button to posts for logged-in users?

I’m very familiar with Ghost, code injection etc. at this point. But what I’m wanting to do is:

Allow members (that is, users who are logged in) to click a button (a heart icon) next to a post to indicate that they like it. The heart icon should change from black and white outline to red (this part is easy enough). I want the heart icon to remain red every time they log in (unless they click it again to “unheart” it).

The ultimate purpose of this is for members to be able to indicate to me which posts they enjoyed the most. I would then ideally like to have a page (perhaps visible only to myself, or perhaps everyone, I haven’t decided) showing a list of posts in order of popularity (total number of hearts).

Does anybody have suggestions or advice for me?

I was initially looking at using for this website when I was creating it as a static site, to maintain data persistence for users, but I’ve opted to switch over to Ghost for the simplicity of creating new posts etc.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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I could have made this post a lot simpler, I think:

Has anybody added a custom react button (heart, thumbs up, smiley face or whatever) to posts, or individual sections of posts, which enable them to receive feedback from their readers?

Hyvor Talk supports reactions when you add it as your commenting system.

More: How to Add Comments to Ghost Blog with Hyvor Talk – Hyvor Talk Blog

Thanks @hkalant, that is useful to know. However I’m not looking to add comments to individual posts (or individual sections of posts) and I also don’t know that I would be able to use the tallies from these react buttons somewhere and use those numbers to display an ordered list of popular posts (based on reacts, not number of times viewed) on a page.

But I appreciate your suggestion nonetheless.