Adding and Removing Members (API)

Hey everyone!

Love the official support for memberships now for private blog posts. I might be missing something, though.

On the official docs for the integrations of memberships, I can’t find any references to the endpoints to be using to add and remove members, as well as the data that’s expected to be provided. The standard Ghost documentation doesn’t appear to cover this topic at all either.

For example, our service has an account system and when users sign up I want to automatically add them as a member in Ghost, then remove them if their account on our service is deleted.

To clarify, I’m looking for membership in regards to private post access, not staff users.

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Though not API based, I would like to see an add members admin interface feature as well, to complement the remove members already available for when you need to manually add members.

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@dsecareanu this is something we have on a very high priority, so please watch the following releases closely :wink:

@Devon adding members through API is still in an experimental phase but available if you absolutely need to use it. You can use Admin API POST /v3/members/ endpoint the same way you’d use any stable one.

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Thank you for the info!

Anybody finding the topic in the future :wink: There has been an official “Admin UI” way of adding a new member released with Ghost 3.1.1. The endpoints didn’t have the status of experimental.