Adding any code to the <script> tag of default.hbs breaks my theme

I don’t know if Im doing something unbelievably stupid or not. I just started customizing a theme based on casper. Any time I change anything in the main tag of default.hbs the entire theme breaks and nothing is loaded. I just get ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found) all across the board, not a single resource loads, not even css or any js file.

Even a simple console.log("test") messes it up, am I not supposed to change anything in that script file?

Can you show me the code where you have changed?


Here. Code is a little bit a mess because I was trying to adapt casper with a sidebar like this theme,

I also figured that every time I used linting on the default.hbs it completely broke it. Not sure why.
Sometimes when I moved the script tags to another place it also broke the page. And it was hard to debug because pretty much every file was aborted when that happened

I checked the code. Seems to be okay. Can you share the full theme file so I can check?

here is the zip. Its a little bit of spaguetti code as I said. I eventually got it to work as I wanted but when I do any change inside the main script tag of default.hbs or if I change the script imports it breaks the theme.