Adding Bidirectional Links to Ghost (like Roam, Notion, etc)

I’ve been getting into digital gardening and noticed that a key feature of some websites is bidirectional links. Is it possible to create this feature in Ghost similar to how Roam Research or Notion has? I would rather keep all my writing in one place.


I’m not sure, but I don’t think you can do bi-directional links on Ghost. And this is the first time I see someone asking about it.

I’m into digital gardens too. Do you have your garden already set up? I would like to give it a look :smile:

Hey. Yea, I been searching the forum and the web for tutorials on how to create bi-directional links, but I haven’t found anything. I was hoping to find some kind of code to add to my theme.

I’m trying to set up my digital garden, right now I am writing on my Ghost website, Lima Pea Co. and on Standard Notes Listed, but paused because I didn’t want to have my thoughts all over the place.

I was testing out Notion and as potential places and then I would just link it from my Ghost page.

I think I’ll end up just using Ghost and manually adding the backlinks. :tired_face: Do you have a digital garden? What’s yours?

I think bi-directional links require a different configuration not supported by Ghost.

Also, I don’t see a problem having 2 different websites, as long as you don’t have 2 different gardens.

For example, I have my tech blog on Ghost and my digital garden as a static website because they are different things.

My digital garden is

Ps. I used Maxime Vaillancourt ( template. And I write my notes on Obsidian

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Thank you! Your garden is great and I am reading through it. You make a good point about having 2 different websites. Thank you for sharing your example, it helped me put things into perspective.


Thank you for reading my garden :)

Yes, 2 sites make sense if they are about different topics. And if you intend to rank well on search engines it’s better to be clear about what you talk about on your website