Adding image onto each post on homepage

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Hi all,

I am trying to display post Images on my Home Page. I am currently using the liebling theme.

Should I use the Code injection function or make changes to the theme directory?

Appreciate some help here to coding noob.

Thanks in advance!


@Jun Feature images should show up automatically on the home page if they’ve been added to you posts; no need to touch code injection or the theme. Any chance you’ve got a plugin/addon installed in your browser that is blocking the images from appearing? That’s happened to me a few times.

Hi Stromfeldt,

Tried to look into my plugins, used different servers and also tried to open site from my phone.

Image is still not showing for some reason.

Did you set your image in the feature image spot rather than within the post? See here:

Major thanks Stromfeldt, issue resolved thanks to you!

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