Adding JavaScript to a page with HTML card

Firstly any help is greatly appreciated!

Why cant I seem to add JS code snippets to my site? In this instance a page. Nothing is loading where the raw html card is being placed.

The code I am entering is straight for a websites documentation and is a small JS snippet. This is it.

<div id="poryApp" data-domain="<>"></div><script src="<>"></script>

I have also tried snippets from elsewhere incase that wasn’t correct and they don’t seem to load either, anybody else have this problem or a solution?

I have been searching on both here and google and it says to add within script /script either side of the code, I tried this and also tried the HTML tags also. Am I on the right track?

Thanks all. Ghost beginner :slight_smile:

It looks like you have some stray angle brackets in your script :slight_smile:

<!-- This is not a valid url-->
<script src="<>">

<!-- but this is!-->
<script src="">
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Thanks for the heads up but it still doesn’t work.

However I have just tried an embed from a similar site and it works so i have an understanding and can contact the site in question about their script.