Adding multiple images to ghost

I am new to ghost, building a custom theme. I would need multiple images to be added for the post. I have a custom template for viewing each post. Is there a way to upload multiple images? In the post settings, there is option to upload only one image.

You can have multiple image sizes, you cannot have multiple images, except in the content.

In any way I can get the urls of images in the content?
Its because,

  1. I need to get the images in hompages, for running in a carousel for a particular post.
  2. I have a fixed template for post detail page, where I have placeholder for the images I upload as content. In this case I dont want to show ghost image card or gallary card, instead need to show my custom template.
    Please suggest me a way to handle these usecases
    Thank you very much for your response.

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