Admin API add a new post

Hi, im trying to use the ghost API to add a post on the website…

const GHOST_API = new GhostAdminAPI({
    url: END_POINT,
    version: "v3",
    key: GHOST_KEY

    title: 'My first draft API post',
    mobiledoc: '{\"version\":\"0.3.1\",\"atoms\":[],\"cards\":[],\"markups\":[],\"sections\":[[1,\"p\",[[0,[],0,\"My post content. Work in progress...\"]]]]}'
}).then(result => {
    res.send(JSON.stringify(result) + " - SUCCESS!")
}).catch(err => {
    res.send(JSON.stringify(err) + " -  ERROR!")

The result being the Array of posts i already have, but it does not add the new one.

Ive used this guide:

There is a little update: i’ve tried post and pages, without success, i tried different ways of postring from api wich are: html, mobiledoc, using full tags, using full users (primary_user) nothing works… All i receive back is the already existing list of posts/pages.

Anyone have any idea? Maybe someone who correctly posted from API?