Aesto - An Opensource Blog & Magazine Theme for Ghost

Aesto is a Ghost theme with clean & content focused design. The theme is fully responsive so it fits at any screen sizes. Aesto supports Ghost membership feature so that you can turn your audience in to business. This theme is suitable for personal & professional blog or for your multi author magazine.

Demo - Download - Documentation

Theme features

  • Clean & responsive design
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced performance
  • Responsive images
  • Lazy Loading for images
  • SVG icons are used
  • Well structured & commented codes
  • Easy to customize
  • Instant Search
  • Disqus comments integrated
  • Custom Template for Tags & Authors pages
  • Social share support for posts
  • Responsive videos
  • Developer friendly

Ghost core features

  • Membership support
    • Signin page
    • Signup page
    • Account page
    • Pricing page
    • Notifications
    • Call to action for subscription in members, paid-members only post.
    • Post visibility depending on access
  • Translation ready
  • Publication title & description
  • Publication icon & Logo
  • Custom excerpt support
  • Primary & secondary Navigation
    • Primary navigation on header
    • Secondary navigation on footer
  • Subscriber form
  • Feature Icon for Featured post
  • Social links & icons
  • Tag archive
  • Tag Accent Color in tag show page & custom tag list page
  • Author archive
  • Read time
  • Multiple author support for post
  • Koenig Editor
    • Gallery and Bookmark and all other inbuilt card in Koenig editor
  • Responsive YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Spotify, twitter, Instagram and all other embed
  • Previous and next post link in single post view

The Theme is built on top of Ghost starter Theme. We would appreciate your opinions & feedback’s

Team Inoryum


This look elegant. Keep a good work.

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@mitkomitrovski Thanks for your appreciation.

Perfect!!! top feature post may be converted to slider for next releases. I think this feature provide more functionality.

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Hi @fakruzaruret ,
Thanks for your feedback. We will definitely consider this in next few releases.

Hello folks,
v1.1.0 has been released with following updates:

On next release will add separate feature post section or Slider & Dark Mode.

Please do provide your feedback or let us know if you find any bug. Your contribution would be appreciated.

Team Inoryum


Cool! I’ll take a look on how to translate it to catalan!

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Thank you. Appreciate it.

Italian Translation added . Thanks to Gianni Scolaro


Hope everyone doing well. We are excited to share a new update of Aesto theme.

  • Added Dark/Light Mode
  • CSS Fixes

Please do provide your feedback or let us know if you find any bug. Your contribution would be appreciated.

Team Inoryum

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Perfect !!! Good Job

Thanks :+1:

210 Hits on demo. Thanks all for the support. We are releasing more open-source themes soon.


Thanks for the this themes. Keep it up


You are welcome & Appreciate your support. Would you mind to share your URL if you are using it? Planning to add a section on github called “Used by”


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Updated jQuery version to 3.5.1

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Dark mode does not work on my blog. I could not solve the problem.

Its because of you didnt added the api key for search… Since The content_Api js stopped & its not executing the next js which Dark/Light mode js…

Solution to this Configure the search

Got to Ghost admin

Setting > Integration

Create a Custom Integration By Clicking Add Custom Integration

Once you created the integration you will get the content API Key

Now go to code Injection & paste the following code block to Site header Replacing the XXXX with your content Api Key

  var content_key = 'XXXX';

here you will get complete documentation if needed

The above will solve the Dark mode issue… If you still face issue I will be happy to solve your issue myself via screen sharing


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Thank you very much. :heart:

I would like ask one thing more :slight_smile: I use multiple language on website, some posts are on different Language. They are not shown in homepage if I dont change language url. But that posts are shown at before and after post section of bottom of sinle post page.

My default language is Turkish. But I can see other language’s content/posts at bottom of single page.

I have to check the scope… Will get back once I find something

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