Alert Boxes in Ghost

Multiple people have inquired about the alert boxes i use in Ghost Portal. This will be a series of post showing how you can do this. The first one is pretty much the whole strategy:


Nice job! Likewise, that’s a nice MacOS app that I’d never seen before, replete with code highlighting. It kinda got me a bit jealous of the copy/paste app that I use, until I realized that the app I use for storing code snippets and copy/paste history – Pastebot – is effective for a usage similar to what you speak of.

That is, you can set up filters with Pastebot and arrange things up so that when you paste in more than one paragraph it’ll not only wrap the whole thing in <div> tags but will wrap each paragraph in its own set of <p> tags, replete with tabs and line breaks. From the Mac App Store:

Which means that you can type out paragraphs as you normally would in Ghost, copy/paste them into Pastebot, then output and paste them back into a Ghost HTML card. I’d forgotten Pastebot allowed for all that, which will come in very handy for a blog I’m setting up for somebody else. Thanks for the inadvertent tip!

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Thanks man!

Wow, i wasn’t aware either of this functionality in PasteBot. This is really cool!!! I’m glad that i could help you indirectly hahah.

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