AMP URL only in some cases


I wonder if it is possible to generate AMP url, only for specific articles, and not when I have javascript code injected into the article (because javascript is not allowed this way for AMP pages).

For the moment I am not using the AMP option for this reason.

Thanks !

Hey @Doubrovski :wave:
Are you concerned some articles won’t be compatible with AMP? The default AMP template in Ghost is fully up to date with the AMP spec, you can check out how it generate articles here on GitHub.

Do you have any other concerns with using AMP? :blush:

Hello, thanks !
Yes, some articles won’t be compatible with AMP because they are partially injected in javascript (these are multiple choice tests). So, the interesting part of the article does not appear on /amp.
It seems that ghost pages are not converted to amp. So I could convert tests to pages … but it’s problematic for me.

I think it’s not a good idea to use the AMP option for this website, that uses a lot of injected javascript.
Thank you !

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