Any way to load two partials on the homepage?

Hello, I am new to ghost theming so I have a few questions.

Lot of the documentations are good about telling you how to filter a page for a post category, however I don’t see a lot of them handling complex sorting on a single page. Ghost’s homepage by default flows in everything under the sun. I sort of like it, but needs it to be organized.

I like a section for blog only post and another section for posts under “programs” tags. Each loading two different partials for their respective template/layout. Is there a way to do this? I am really stuck on how to do this.

I am attaching a visual example below.

You can get a foreach posts from a specific tag like this

	{{#get "posts" limit="5" filter="tags:tagname" include="tags,authors" }}
              {{#foreach posts}}
                  <a class="some-class" href="{{url}}">{{title}}</a>

Replace the tagname with your chosen tag.

& load the partial on your index page along with the loop.hbs

Hope this helps

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Hello @inoryum , thanks for the tip.

I tried it and its working!

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You are welcome @Abvex. Happy to help!