API Specification

I know that there’s some documentation on how to use the API but is there a technical specification published anywhere? Something like OpenAPI or equivalent would make life much easier!!

If not is it possible to point me to the section of the code that’s responsible for handling the API requests? (Side note: I wrote a little equivalent sample of doing a post in Go, would there be interest in adding that to the documentation? )

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One more question. I found this repo with a JSON Schema. Is this an accurate representation of the expected data model?

This page links the various admin api endpoints: Ghost Admin API Documentation

And here’s the corresponding endpoints for the content api:

Right, I’m aware of the both the Admin and Content html documentation. That’s somewhat helpful but it’s not something I can consume programmatically and say create an SDK in a different language that can easily be updated without a human element involved.

From my understanding this schema is used as the initial validation layer when making an API request, so I think so!