API Update: Tiers, Offers, and Members endpoint documentation now available

We’ve pushed some big updates to our docs related to members :tada:

We’re excited to see how the community uses these new tools! If you have questions–well, you’re in the right place. Make a post or reply to this one :smile:


This is amazing! Thanks for exposing and sharing these new parts of the API. I’m keen to try out the members data since I’d like to share other content with my members on other platforms.

Ps. There’s a typo in the example response when creating a member, the email is missing an ‘e’ on jamie@ghost.org

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Can you suggest something to read about API management from the basis?

I’m not a dev but I self-host all my things and I like to learn.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you say a bit more about what you’re trying to do/learn?

The Content API is the easiest to work with, so I would start exploring with it:

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Thanks for tour time Ryan.

I’m looking for sync tiers, update members and link the accounts with initial survey like Ghost.org signup process (without theme selection of course).

I just need the ‘APIs for dummies’ book because I tried to delegate that flows and it don’t went OK so I want to learn first the basis.

Great. You’ll also want to check out the Admin API documentation, as well:

Thanks, I also start reading and watching that resources: