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Hi there,

I’m wondering how the translation process work when dealing with articles ? Let’s say that I’ve written an article in english, I want to translate it into 5 other languages, what would be the exact process to do that ? Is there any fast way or am I going to do that manually ? (I guess than because Ghost is not Wordpress I should find an easy way…)

Thanks for your help !




You could write a plugin with a translation engine, and also write the translation engine, don’t think there are many open source translating engines out there.
You could try to use the google translate api… but i’m pretty sure that it won’t be accurate…

So i guess the best way would to write it for each language… i have at least never seen a blog/article page that translates entire posts up to perfection with a single click.

to change between languages you would have to write some javascript to toggle between them, and have the means of storing the different translations to be fetched, or you could hide the different translations in separate hidden divs and then pull them out with javascript.